Riccardo Di Francesco fulfils with “Evergreens” the wishes of the reams of easy-listening concert goers, who have motivated him to produce this new CD. More and more it is spoken of, to record a CD with selected hits of bygone days. It is because of his wish, to make music for people, that the idea for "Evergreens" came about.

Simply to make joy. Riccardo Di Francesco, who has his musical roots in the easy-listening style, would like, with his CD "Evergreens', to also show his versatility. While classical music has a true calming influence on it's listener, so "Evergreens" engenders freedom and the animation to sing along. This musical thread is certainly successful for Riccardo Di Francesco and he has the ability to make much joy from it.

"Evergreens" was presented to an audience of over 30,000 people in 25 concerts. With absolute success, much delight and standing ovation as shown in the pictures. (Photos from concerts in Rhodes and Crete-Greece)





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