Millions have already listened to Riccardo Di Francesco

Another project has already given Riccardo Di Francesco the possibility of singing in front of millions of spectators. The unique opportunity of singing national anthems also offered him stage experience and a chance of making his name known.

Meanwhile he knows about 15 anthems from Sweden to Italy and from the Czech Republic to Brazil. Riccardo Di Francesco has also enthused millions of people with his live performances in stadiums and on television, during the “CSIO”, one of the world`s most important horse races, at St. Gallen in Switzerland and at the Ice Hockey World Championships in Zurich in 1998, and in Hanover in 2001.

He was one of the stars at the final game in Hanover. In front of the national team from the United States of America Riccardo Di Francesco sings the national anthem for the winning team live; 18.000 spectators and millions in front of their television at home are witnesses of his work.





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