Pensionistenverband Österreichs/SeniorenReisen

Riccardo Di Francesco was first brought on board for the Spring Meetings of SeniorenReisen in 2002. For 40 years, SeniorenReisen has been a tour operator for senior citizens, working for the Austrian association of retirees, and the Spring Meetings are major events for these avid travellers among senior citizens. In the course of five weeks, a total of roughly 15,000 retirees go south for one-week holidays which always start with a lavish welcome party.

From the very start, the golden agers obviously liked his performance as a singer, so his contribution to the programme increased year by year, and his role is now that of a show host and singer on stage and a member of the SeniorenReisen team on site.

From left to right: Riccardo, Mag. Gerlinde Zehetner, Okan Toprakci

Rodos Palace Concert Hall

Riccardo as singer and host

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